Roxy DIY ornaments! Great Gift Ideas!

Happy first day of Winter! Here are some kitsy DIY ornaments that we love make with friends for our tree. We made ours using treasures we found in the snow and our photo shoot in Tahiti…a collection of things that tell the story of our Roxy adventures in a unique way!

What You Need:
Empty glass ornament from a craft store
A cork
Sand or fake snow (otherwise it will melt like Frosty!)
Beach combing finds: sea urchins, coral, driftwood, sea glass, dried moss
Winter wonders: acorns, holly balls, pine needles, cinnamon stick
Jute string
Baker’s twine
A piece of white paper for your message!

Easy How-To:

  1. Pour sand or fake snow into the glass ornament to desired amount using a funnel or by rolling a sheet of paper into a funnel
  2. Gently drop in your collection of memorable find into the ornament (make sure they are small or they won’t fit through the stem)
  3. Write a ‘message in a bottle’ about a trip our journey from that year or a sentimental thought to a friend to read now or years from now!
  4. Roll the note and tie gently with bakers twine
  5. Use the cork to seal your ornament!
  6. Create a tag for your ornaments to remember the year you made it & Viola! The perfect gift for family or friends!
  7. Hang it on a tree or use it as globe for display!

Keep counting down with us as we unlock the Gifts of Winter everyday this Holiday season. #GiftsOfWinter

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