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Aloha & Mele Kalikimaka from our Let The Sea Set You Free Winners

We set off to the beautiful island of Oahu to meet up with Roxy Let The Sea Set You Free winners Katie McLean, Emilie Layla Lovaine & Madison Setiawan for their second life-changing adventure.

Day 1 Recap: In day 1 of their adventure, Roxy team riders Kelia MonizBruna Schmitz and Monyca Byrne-Wickey greeted Let The Sea Set You Free winners Katie McLean, Emilie Layla Lovaine and Madison Setiawan on the beaches of Waikiki with a traditional Hawaiian welcome, followed by special VIP movie screening of “The Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau”.

Day 2 Recap: With sunscreen and bikinis in tow the 3 winners went down to the sandy beaches of Waikiki to soak up some sun, SUP and do a little shopping. Can you guess what they stocked up on? Bikinis—an essential for their Hawaiian Island excursions!

Day 3 Recap: After a late-night arrival into the North Shore, the girls surfed Chuns Reef, enjoyed a delicious Acai Bowl prepared by Katie McLean and took part in the Eddie Aikau Opening Ceremony at Waimea Bay.

Day 4 Recap: On day 4 of their Hawaiian island adventures, the 3 winners and Roxy team headed to the Eastside of the North Shore where they were greeted by an outrigger canoe fully equipped with SUPs and a poke bowl lunch.

Day 5 Recap: On day 5, the Let The Sea Set You Free winners meet up with the Lisa Andersen Champ Camp crew with 4x World Champion Lisa Andersen and Roxy team rider Rosy Hodge. In between sessions Katie McLean lead the camp with a yoga lesson followed by a delicious Hawaiian BBQ lunch and ukulele session.

Day 6 Recap: From pastry tasting, jewelry making and sunset surfing…day 6 was filled with nothing short of an adventure. The day began with a trip to Ted’s bakery where the 3 winners enjoyed some of Hawaii’s best baked treats. After a delicious morning treat the group headed to Pipeline to meet up with Mia Russi of “Washed Up Jewelry” to make their own beach-inspired jewelry.

Day 7 Recap: Cloudy skies & choppy waters didn’t stop the Let The Sea Set You Free winners and Roxy team riders from setting out on an adventure on their last day in Oahu. They ended the day with a sunset surf—the perfect last night on the North Shore.


Roxy DIY ornaments! Great Gift Ideas!

Happy first day of Winter! Here are some kitsy DIY ornaments that we love make with friends for our tree. We made ours using treasures we found in the snow and our photo shoot in Tahiti…a collection of things that tell the story of our Roxy adventures in a unique way!

What You Need:
Empty glass ornament from a craft store
A cork
Sand or fake snow (otherwise it will melt like Frosty!)
Beach combing finds: sea urchins, coral, driftwood, sea glass, dried moss
Winter wonders: acorns, holly balls, pine needles, cinnamon stick
Jute string
Baker’s twine
A piece of white paper for your message!

Easy How-To:

  1. Pour sand or fake snow into the glass ornament to desired amount using a funnel or by rolling a sheet of paper into a funnel
  2. Gently drop in your collection of memorable find into the ornament (make sure they are small or they won’t fit through the stem)
  3. Write a ‘message in a bottle’ about a trip our journey from that year or a sentimental thought to a friend to read now or years from now!
  4. Roll the note and tie gently with bakers twine
  5. Use the cork to seal your ornament!
  6. Create a tag for your ornaments to remember the year you made it & Viola! The perfect gift for family or friends!
  7. Hang it on a tree or use it as globe for display!

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Give a Gift From the Heart!

Give a gift from the Heart! Shop Gift Cards for friends and family.

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wanderlust: torah bright full part

As we gear up for the holiday season, Roxy girl Torah Bright kicks off her ride towards the 2014 Winter Olympics. We don’t know what to expect from the reigning 2010 Gold Medalist, but we know it will be good. Take for instance this past weekend when at the Breckenridge Dew Tour, Torah decided to learn a new trick (a backside alley-oop rodeo) right before the finals started. She didn’t quite stick it in finals, but we’re confident she’ll be putting it down in many contests to come. We’re excited to follow Torah on the rest of her journey and see what else she has up her sleeve.
Check out this highlight video of Torah’s 2011/12 season, and as you head out on your holiday break and into the New Year; take some queues from Torah and dare to go big and try new things!


Roxy Style Spy: Lovely Layers

Brr! It’s cold out there! Learn how to layer, without looking like a bulky snowman in our latest Roxy Style Spy video!

Here’s our 3 Easy ways to rock the layered look this Winter. Our first style tip to create the ultimate layered look this Holiday season is mixing up things that and picking pieces that can work double-duty in a completely different look! Mix things that are hard, soft and frilly. Take Kelia’s outfit in this short Style Spy video as an example; she mixes an adorable geometric dress like the Love Seeker Dress (frilly), with the Spirits Up Jacket (hard), and a finishes it off with the Flurry scarf in cream (soft, both in color and touch!). Now imagine how these pieces can uniquely be incorporated into a super girly look or a biker chic ensemble!

Our next tip is simple, don’t be afraid to play with patterns and bold colors. Adorable kitschy prints like the heart print in the Highlands Dress and the Skinny Slide Jeans with the golden bird print are fun conversation starters and offer a unique spin on a classic look. Match them with a bold jacket that really makes a statement.

Our third style tip is embrace the color grey. This color is fantastic because it is neutral and adds great dimension to an outfit.


Give The Gift of Shred: Our favorite Snowboarding Spots

Holiday break is fast approaching, and we can’t wait to pack a bag and head to the mountains for warm-hearted adventures with friends and family. We caught up with our snow team riders to see which mountains are their favorites to visit around the holiday time. What’s yours?

Corinne Pasela says “So my favorite holiday resort is Peek’n Peak, nestled up in Findley Lake, NY. My personal connection to the place comes from learning to ski there early on in life. It was a mellow day trip from Ohio, perfect for our family trips. The main lodge, and all it’s retro greatness, is perfect for a place to warm up during the day or chill for the night. They boast a few terrain parks, some bumps and jumps, but the real fun happens through the trees across their 27 slopes (mellow enough to entertain all skill levels). Plus, the snow is always good! In a nutshell, Peek’n Peak is the best place to ride around my neck of the woods for the holidays because it’s family friendly, easy on the wallet, has good snow, short lift lines, and that good ol’ ma and pa feel. Hip hip for winter!”

Robin Van Gyn is “biased to B.C., but Whistler is like no where else during the Holidays. The village is lit up and the snow droops from all the trees, its a winter wonderland.”

Ty Walker says “My favorite place to ride in the holiday season is Breckenridge in Colorado because the town is so pretty and it looks like something out of a Christmas book, But for the actual holiday I always go home to Stowe, Vermont to spend time with my family.” The newest member of our Amateur team, Jordie Karlinski, also loves Colorado, but she prefers Snowmass resort in Aspen, “during the holidays my whole family is in town and its a great mountain to either ride with my dad and brother or take a hike with with my mom and sister. Friends I grew up with are in town as well, so it’s nice to be able to ride with them.”

Erin Comstock and Torah Bright head to Park City Mountain Resort in Utah because as Torah says, “They have it all… parks, pipes and great terrain! My favorite memories are during the holiday with a group of friends just lapping the mountain on a blue bird day. I Ride Park City!”


Roxy Style Spy: Make a Big Statement with little details

Deck the halls with details. Our latest Style Spy video will show you how to make a BIG statement with little embellishments.

It’s all in the details of your Holiday décor, table settings, gifts, and most importantly, your clothes! Because let’s not forget, it’s the little things that count of course! Styling a great outfit is easiest when you have a statement piece that screams ‘look at me!’. Take for example the Chestnut Way jacket with its intricate toggle and jute detailing. Trust us, these are the pieces that make you feel good, cozy, and elated about your look.
Besides a great statement jacket, we’re fond of anything that’s soft to the touch and a little bit furry, which is why you’ll see fur-lined detailing elements throughout our jackets, accessories, and our Roxy boots! Faux Fur is a simple way to bring dimension to any ensemble. A couple pieces we’re pining for are the Slush Boots and the Golden Hill jacket. What’s on your wish list?

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How-To Make A Gingerbread House, Roxy Style!

Today is the perfect day to stay inside and do some fun crafts with your friends. Check out our Gingerbread House How-To and build yours like a Roxy pro!

You Will Need:

    1 cup light corn syrup
    1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
    1/2 cup vegetable shortening
    4 cups all purpose flour
    1 Tbsp ground ginger
    1 Tbsp ground cinnamon
    Cardboard or tray to build your gingerbread house on
    Mixing bowl and spatula
    Cookie sheet for baking
    Stove top & small pan for heating ingredients
    Wax paper to cut out pattern for gingerbread house
    Pastry bag or zip lock baggy

    Click for the Roxy Gingerbread House How-To!