Shimmer, Shine & Jewels

Tis’ the season to Shimmer, Shine, and Sparkle or in Rihanna’s word ‘Shine bright like a diamond’, and that’s exactly what we intend on doing. We love this time of year because it gives us a chance to reconnect with family and friends and ‘dress up’ in all things that glitter! If you’re heading out to a fun Holiday party and want something with an extra bit of shine, we suggest one of our favorite dresses, the Fall Doll. This dress is reinvented for the Holiday season with a shimmery weave that mixes the quintessential ‘Little Black Dress’ and just a touch of sparkle. On the converse, we have the white Full Heart Dress with a beautiful jacquard bodice and a double layer of chiffon skirt. The best thing about solid color dress is it really allows you to accessorize with a bold statement color (remember to pick something that sparkles!).

We’ve also selected this layering sweater that has a subtle bit of shimmer. Throw the Elm Sweater over a dress or just wear it with a pair of denim with the Best Of Tank.

For a few easy gifting ideas that won’t burst your budget and simple ways to spread the sparkle, we suggest any one of these 3 easy items: purse, crusiers, and scarf!

Keep counting down with us as we unlock the Gifts of Winter everyday this Holiday season. #GiftsOfWinter

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