Office Spy: Not your average Boardroom with Amber S.

As they say, ‘It’s always Summer somewhere’, well conversely ‘It’s always winter somewhere’ which is why we’re excited to switch gears to the colder side of the year and talk with Snow Marketing Manager Amber S., who just so happens to know Snow better than anyone we know, and she should since she is a former Roxy snow team rider herself.

We slipped into Amber’s office (in other words, ‘boardroom’) to catch-up and we found ourselves reeling about the beautiful new snow site, Wanderlust videos, new team riders and much more.

It was difficult to carry on conversations, as we were distracted by her neat mix of flea market finds, a wealth of Roxy snow memorabilia that would make any Roxy girl proud, and a collection of all the newest boards that make us want to grab ours (or the ones in her office) and hit the road…but before we pack our board bags we got the snowdown straight from the source.

1.     Eminence C2 BTX snowboard

2.    Banana Smoothie EC2 Split Snowboard

3.     XOXO PTX

4.  ROXY: Flea market frames. Tell us a little bit about these, what’s in them, where did you find the frames…

Amber: “(ha ha, they’re from Aaron Brothers, but I’ll pretend)  I was looking for frames that would mix well together and give a nice winter cabin feel without resorting to cliche “knotty pine”.  Someday I hope to get them up on the wall, but until I find the time they will continue to decorate the corner.”

5. ROXY: Snowboarder Magazine with team rider Torah Bright…Tell us about this.

Amber: “That photo was taken on day 1 of the Snowboarder  Magazine Ms. Superpark event.  Torah was ripping and having a lot of fun on the set-up that Snowboarder built, it was the best course that event has ever seen.  The funny thing is she rode so hard that day that she wore herself out and ended up being sick for the rest of the event.  Lucky for her, one day was enough to nab the magazine cover shot.”

6.  Amber: “Split boards are the antidote to expensive ski lift tickets.  They’re the fixed gear bikes of the snowboard world, minimalist equipment made for  touring adventures in the backcountry.  The board is made to be split apart, then you throw rubber skins on the base of the board’s skis and climb up the mountain.  When you get to the top, click the board back together and enjoy the ride down.”

7.    ROXY:  Tell us about your job, and how your work ends up in a magazine.

Amber: “In the snow industry we’re always working on a few winters at once, for instance right now we’re sending out videos and ads for our 2013 line, producing photo & film shoots for the 2014 line and our designers are starting to develop the 2015 line.  So I split my time between planning, producing, and executing the marketing assets for each season, working with the athletes, all the while trying to keep my finger on the pulse of what is cool in snow at the present.  Oh, and all while staying on budget.  It’s a lot to keep track of, but at the end of the day I am thankful to be able to work with something I believe in.”



Welcome to the team Corinne Pasela!

Some of you may have noticed a new face in the Roxy ranks, so today we’d like to officially introduce you to Corinne Pasela, the newest member of the Roxy pro snow team. Corinne came out of nowhere in March of 2011 and won the first ever Roxy Shooting Star video contest with a video that made the pros jealous. Corinne hails from Ohio, where she learned to ride at Boston Mills Brandywine (elevation 240 ft.) and then took her skills to the streets (literally) and rode handrails with a group of guy friends. A self proclaimed “soft spoken” person, Corinne may be quiet, but where words are lacking her riding does the talking. Last year we sent Corinne on as many filming trips as possible, and it paid off; she stacked up enough bangers to earn herself a full video part– pretty impressive for a rookie! We asked Corinne about her first year filming with Roxy, and this is what she had to say:
“Unexpectedly, in February, I traveled to Quebec where some 10 days were spent filming and shooting with the raddest group of people ever… It was my favorite trip, mainly because I lived it on the edge of my comfort zone. I learned a lot, and like that I still have a lot to learn. After that we traveled through Utah, California, Whistler, and Alaska. I had to keep reminding myself it was real. I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunities to progress and the people I could share them with.”
Check out her full part here, the 2nd video in the Roxy + Peepshow Films collaboration series, Wanderlust.


Refinery29 Stops by ROXY Headquarters

Let’s face it, we know our office is cool…lucky for us, it’s pretty much our second home; The place we hang our hat, toss our wetsuit, store our board, and plug away on our computer. That is, if we’re not traveling the world or chasing our top-notch athletes around on their many adventures, so when Refinery29 asked to check it out, we couldn’t resist (we can brag a bit right?).

With 3 massive buildings and plenty to browse, Refinery29 had their work cut out for them, but per usual they did what they do best and wowed us with their 35 snaps of the OC’s coolest office space: Quiksilver.

Here our some of our favorites from Refinery29’s ROXY office adventure!


Featured Artist: Night Moves

A current candidate for the throne of the Twin Cities’ storied music scene, Night Moves may well strike you as an unlikely contender. The Minneapolis trio creates country-tinged, easy-listening indie rock — imagine Animal Collective channeling the best of mid-1970s Nashville, with more than a hint of Supertramp tossed into the unholy mix. The slow, beautiful songs on last year’s Colored Emotions remind us of coasting down a long, sloping hill on a bike, and given how much we enjoyed that record, we’re eagerly awaiting Night Moves’ follow-up this October!