wanderlust series trailer: get inspired for winter

It’s a brave new winter! Today we’ve launched a new snow site, so be sure to sneak a peek. We’re also excited to unveil a new collab video series with the ladies over at Peepshow Films. This talented filmmaking duo, June Bhongjan and Esthera Preda, met at a snowboard contest in 2008 and bonded over their love for filming, fashion, and snowboarding. They teamed up and created 2 successful films that documented women’s snowboarding the way that it really goes down, with creative verve and progressive riding. Always a supporter of women who are working to redefine the sport, Roxy proposed to join forces and apply Peepshow’s unique vision to Roxy’s team of talented riders. The result is “Wanderlust”, an inspiring collection of videos that roam from urban obstacles to the backcountry, from pipe to park, and showcase the depth and diversity of the Roxy team with a fresh new eye. Follow the series here.

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