Tidal Waves and China Days

Roxy Professional Longboarders Jen Smith and Chloe Calmon are jet setting on an experience of a lifetime to surf the Silver Dragon, a tidal bore in Hangzhou, China. This is only the fourth time China has ever allowed anyone to surf in the river, and our very own Roxy girls will be competing in the Silver Dragon Shootout Surf Contest! Chloe’s been lucky enough to surf in the river before, so she knows exactly what to expect and has a head start against the competition, but Jen’s done her research, and it sounds like she’s ready for the adventure! This is one of the most unique surfing experiences we’ve heard of, so we caught up with Jen and Chloe as they were getting ready to leave, and they filled us in on everything we need to know about surfing tidal waves and traveling to China.

Chloe’s Travel Tips and China Tricks

Last year, when people saw me walking on the street with surfboards, they thought I was crazy and tapped me to see if I was real! Ha! This time, I’ll make sure learn a phrase in Chinese that I can explain to them!

I suggest packing comfortable clothes. I know I won’t be leaving without my  1. sun skippers, 2. easy tees, 3. savage dress, 4. a cross body purse , 5. and some easy boots.

I’m also bringing a 1. lightweight springsuit, and my 2. favorite bikinis, for the river. More importantly, the 3. surf essentials for the competition. It’s a must to bring a spare leash in case it snaps and all the other basics including fins, and wax which are easy to forget when packing for a trip. Plus sunscreen and sunnies!

The most important thing to know about before traveling there is the culture. The Chinese have an ancient culture that cherishes small details and gestures, from giving a business card to eating with them. So it`s helpful to watch some videos on the internet about Chinese etiquette and respect!

How to surf a Tidal Wave by Jen



The First Annual Roxy Puerto Rico Classic in Playa Jobos Isabela

We packed our surfboards and bikinis, and left our wetsuits hanging in the closet for Playa Jobos for the Roxy Puerto Rico Classic! The free surf contest brought girls of all ages and skill levels together for a day of surfing at the 1st Annual Roxy Puerto Rico Classic.

The event ran both Saturday and Sunday and was packed with contest surfers and beach goers looking for a chance to enjoy some free surf lessons. The surfers enjoyed chest – shoulder high waves on one of Puerto Rico’s best reef breaks.

Congratulations to all of the wahine finalists in the Open Pro division, who claimed the $2,000 prize purse, and a special congrats to Marissa Shaw from San Clemente, CA, who was crowned with the 1st place prize!



Featured Artist: Divine Fits

Dan Boeckner has quit more bands than most people started, his two most famous being Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs, both of which had excellent records and ran their course. Now he’s joined forces with Spoon frontman Britt Daniel for a rock-fueled side project Divine Fits. Their album is quick, clean and confident, with just 11 songs in barely 40 minutes. Full of driving beats and classic rock vocals, the album, A Thing Called Divine Fits, is a surprising slice of Cool that we can’t stop listening to.


Friends of Roxy: Photographer Daniel Blom

We’re excited to get our hands on Drifting Decade, a book released this week by one of our favorite photographers, Daniel Blom. The book is a selection of Blom’s finest pics taken over the last ten years of his snow photography career. Blom hails from Sweden, and we think his photos capture the beauty and simplicity that Scandinavian design is known for. Lucky for us, Blom is also a fan of Roxy, and has worked a lot with the Roxy snow team over the years . So if your coffee table needs a pick-me-up, add Drifting Decade to your collection.


Download of the Week: Sky Ferreira “Everything is Embarrassing”

We have a hard time describing Sky Ferreira, since she seems to be constantly switching things up! Her new Ghost EP is way different from the demos she used to upload to Myspace as a teenager before she got discovered in 2010. Confident, dynamic and humble, Sky’s contradictory pop comes across like more modest version of Robyn. The point is, we love her, and her new single, “Everything is Embarrassing,” is one of the best songs we’ve heard all Summer!

Download here

Sky Ferreira



Every winter our snow team riders go on epic adventures to distant snowy locales, and at the end of the year we have more photos than we know what to do with. So rather than let those photos hide in a hard drive, we are posting scrapbooks of each trip for the world to see. Check out our first scrapbook documenting a road trip that team riders Torah Bright, Erin Comstock and Robin Van Gyn took to the beautiful mountains of Alberta, Canada. On beautiful bluebird days the girls rode snowmobiles out to hidden areas at Fortress Mountain to find some of the Rockies best powder. After riding they cozied up back at the ranch and partook in the local après with the various four legged ranch dwellers. Adventure is out there, so take a spin through the scrapbook and get inspired for your own winter travels.


Let The Sea Set You Free Winner Katie McLean tours Roxy HQ & Fall Haul

Fall back in style with Roxy and shop the best of back to school. Go behind the scenes of Roxy Headquarters and get a full style haul with our Let The Sea Set You Free winner Katie McLean @KatieGypsyeye of Santa Barbara, CA.

Before setting off on her first life-changing adventure with Roxy to Biarritz, France for the Roxy Pro, Katie picked up a whole new wardrobe, packed her bags, and met up with fellow winners’ Madison Setiawan of Bali, and Emilie Layla Lovaine of Wales.

What’d she pack for her adventures abroad? Tons of bikinis, hats for coverage, and some easy shorts (we love the sun skippers).

When shopping for back to school we suggest choosing colors and patterns that work well together and sticking to those. That way everything looks great together with little effort.

The next stop for the lucky Let The Sea Set You Free winners? …the beaches of Hawaii!

Want to Sea even more? Check out all the inspiring videos, pictures, quotes, and girls from around the world who participated in this year’s Let The Sea Set You Free Contest. Stay tuned for more from Katie McLean and her amazing style and serious creativity.

Don’t forget to hashtag your #LetTheSeaSetYouFree pictures on Instagram!  You’ll SEA them on Roxy’s Facebook!


Featured Artist: Hundred Waters

Dubstep ringmaster Skrillex took time out of his nonstop touring schedule to sign a new act to his label. Instead of another bass-dropping DJ, he chose a four-piece of Floridians who were making pastoral electronic songs in their Gainesville home. The band, Hundred Waters, have just released their “Thistle” single (and accompanying cluster of remixes). It’s a promising first step and we can’t wait to hear what they drop next.


Roxy Puerto Rico Classic Sept. 22nd-23rd at Playa Jobos Isabela

From the waves of Waikiki for the Roxy Waikiki Classic all the way to Puerto Rico, Roxy introduces the 1st Annual Roxy Puerto Rico Classic, taking place September 22nd -23rd at Playa Jobos, Isabela between 9am- 4pm daily!

This FREE Amateur surf contest will include both longboard and shortboard divisions for girls and women of all ages. The divisions of entry for each surfing discipline are: Under 12 (shortboard only), 12-17 years (shortboard & longboard), & Ages 18+ (shortboard & longboard).

The 1st – 4th place winners in all divisions will score Roxy prizes, while the 18+ divisions will be competing for a $2000 prize purse! Every contestant will receive a FREE Roxy gift bag for participating.  If you’re not there to compete, but would like to learn to surf, no problem! Roxy will also be providing FREE Surf Lessons for all participants 6-12 years.

Register NOW at the following surf Shops: Surf Zone 787-890-5080, The Room 787-815-3870 and Tres Palmas 787-728-3377. ALL Registration must be done in advance. Please arrive at 8am on day of contest to check in and sign waivers.

Sea you there!


wanderlust series trailer: get inspired for winter

It’s a brave new winter! Today we’ve launched a new snow site, so be sure to sneak a peek. We’re also excited to unveil a new collab video series with the ladies over at Peepshow Films. This talented filmmaking duo, June Bhongjan and Esthera Preda, met at a snowboard contest in 2008 and bonded over their love for filming, fashion, and snowboarding. They teamed up and created 2 successful films that documented women’s snowboarding the way that it really goes down, with creative verve and progressive riding. Always a supporter of women who are working to redefine the sport, Roxy proposed to join forces and apply Peepshow’s unique vision to Roxy’s team of talented riders. The result is “Wanderlust”, an inspiring collection of videos that roam from urban obstacles to the backcountry, from pipe to park, and showcase the depth and diversity of the Roxy team with a fresh new eye. Follow the series here.