From Cardiff to Costa Rica The Lisa Andersen Champ Camp charges on

From camping in Cardiff to Costa Rica, some of the best amateur girl surfers from Latin America and the US came together for a Lisa Andersen Champ Camp at Playa Negra to push each other and learn from the best.

Judging from a selection of online video entries, 4x World Champion Lisa Andersen identified the top surfers and gave these “future champs” a one of a kind experience. Special guest Sofia Mulanovich—Latin American legend and previous World Champ—joined Lisa Andersen in Costa Rica to provide hands on coaching, instruction, and video analysis that helped advance the girls’ surfing.

The girls scored head high waves everyday, but this surf trip was no vacation. A typical day of camp training included 5am wakeup calls and 6am surf sessions with video and one-on-one coaching from Lisa and Sofia. Breakfast didn’t come until 9, and was followed with more surfing and technical analysis and feedback. In the afternoon came cross-training—the future champs practiced yoga and learned the importance of stretching and surf exercises. The daily video review allowed Lisa Andersen to break down everything for the girls and play-back waves and help critique the girls’ surfing. Lisa and Sofia also provided the future champs with media training and interviewing, preparing them for their career as a professional surfer.

Keep your eye out for these future champs: Nikki Viesins (FL), who claimed 2nd place at the East Coast Surfing Championships in the women’s pro division shortly after the Champ Camp, Tatiana Weston-Webb (HI) Surfing America National Champion, Lucia Cosoleto (Argentina), Melanie Guina and Vania Torres who surf for the Peruvian National Team, Leilani Aguirre (Peru), Adela Recordon (Chile), and Leilani McGonagle, who claimed two national titles in Costa Rica just 5 days after the camp!

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