Fall for Colored Denim

As Summer comes to a close and Fall rolls in so does an exciting blend of new colors. More simply, we’re tripping out on color and obsessing over our colored denim.

With colors reminiscent of the coast of Northern California: Big Sur (the location of this year’s Fall photo shoot), a mix of warm sunset hues, golden glows, moss covered coastlines,  turquoise sea-lines, and a mix of our favorite deep indigos infuse our denim to make an unmatched mix up of fun colors for Fall.

Since denim undoubtedly reigns supreme in our closets this time of year we’re delighted to have plenty to pick from…And we love that the ankle length gives that extra needed versatility to pair with ankle booties like the Westbourne boots and looks rocker chic with a pair of rolled up Skinny Floods in Moss Cove (a personal fav of Kelia Moniz).

For a softer approach, the boldly beautiful Gold denim is nothing short of sweet alongside the cropped vanilla Moon Fall top, and for the feet, some lacey Sloane Boots, in tan of course!  To us, this is the perfect golden girl ensemble for the season.

Continuing with the denim trend, warm it up with vivid scarlets in the Coastal Cove denim. This rich color is easily mixed with some easy Azul sandals or some strappy two-tone Biscayne Boots, and don’t forget a sweater!

…and in the spirit of our opening pic…sorry Summer, but ‘That’s a wrap!’

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