Fall Back In Style: Lookbook Behind the Scenes

There’s really no need to drag your feet as you head back to school…in fact we see this as an opportunity to reinvigorate our wardrobe and play with some new looks, shapes and colors.

Recently we snuck behind the scenes at our Fall Lookbook shoot and found ourselves sifting through racks of clothes, admiring long rows of boots and being of little assistance to the working girl and team rider Kelia Moniz who playfully posed in some of the best looks for Fall.

These are some of the pics we snapped during the shoot and don’t forget to check out the entire Fall Lookbook and shoppable looks online now.

Which brings us to our next question…Do you know what you’re wearing back to school yet?  If you still can’t commit but want some extra inspiration, you can always watch our seasonal Roxy Style Spies infused with tips and tricks to give your outfit a lift!

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