Let The Sea Set You Free: The Athletes Surprise to Winners with a trip to San Sebastian

Our 3 global Let The Sea Set You Free Winners are continuing to live the dream of a Roxy girl.

The Roxy athletes, including Kelia Moniz, Monyca Bryne Wickey, and Bruna Schmitz surprise the winners, Madison Setiawan, Katie McLean, Emilie Layla Lovaine,  on Day 2 with a trip to beautiful San Sebastian for tapas tasting, skateboarding , and soaking up the sun in their Roxy swim!  Watch Madison Setiawan’s inspirational photo journey of the trip and stay tuned for more behind the scenes footage from behind her lens…more surprises on their way and not just for the Winners!

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Missed the girls’ arrival in Biarritz? Here it is!

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