Let The Sea Set You Free: Shopping, Shaping, Baking & the Roxy Pro Concert! Day 3

The Roxy Let The Sea Set You Free winners take trip with Athletes Monyca Bryne Wickey, Bruna Schmitz, and Kelia Moniz to Hossegor and back to Biarritz for the amazing Roxy Pro Concert!

From bikes, to board shaping, and then onto baking…our 3 Let The Sea Set You Free Winners: Katie McLean, Madison Setiawan, and Emilie Layla Lovaine are always adventure bound.

On Day 3 of their journey, the girls head to Hossegor where they get a tour of Euroglass from famous shaper Christian Bradley who surprises Americas winner Katie McLean with a board of her own, which she takes back to the house and puts her artistic skills to work on, followed by a beach visit, some French pastry making (yum!) and a nightcap in Biarritz for the legendary Roxy Pro France concert!

Follow their daily adventures…& stay tuned for more surprises! #LetTheSeaSetYouFree

There’s more to SEA in case you missed it…
Day 1 video
Day 2 video

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