Tatiana Weston-Webb and Meah Collins Set a New Level of Surfing

Roxy Surfers Tatiana Weston-Webb and Meah Collins dominated the Surfing America USA Championships 2012 for the second year in a row. Both girls took junior surfing to a whole new level. Tatiana defended both her USA titles from last year—Under 16 and Under 18—and claimed them once again, earning herself the prestigious California Governor’s Cup Award. Last year, Meah Collins took the title in the Under 12 division. This year she stepped it up, claiming the Under 14 title, and finishing third Under 16, securing herself a spot on the USA Team.

Other honorable mentions include Roxy Surfers Maluhia Kinimaka, who took 4th in the Under 16 final, and Nikki Viesins, who surfed her way to semi-finals. Watch the highlights here and support the Roxy Surf Team this week at the NSSA National Championships at Huntington Beach Pier!

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