Frequencies: Dissonance with Team Rider Kassia Meador

Introducing the third of four shorts before the Surf film FREQUENCIES, a collaborative effort between director Bruce Muller, photographer Sonny Miller, and Roxy team rider and famed longboarder Kassia Meador, debuts.

Roxy was lucky enough to catch the screening of the film at Sonos Studios in Los Angeles, where ESP performed the original sound scoring live to a packed audience. Ever since, we’ve been anxiously anticipating the chance to share the third short entitled ‘Dissonance’ with all of our Roxy fans.

In the collaborators’ own words, “There is a seemingly chaotic disorder in the world. At all times we are absorbing a myriad of competing frequencies. Electromagnetic, sound, seismic, and ocean waves reverberate all around us…The magnitude of these effects are massive. Some frequencies are incalculable. Certain energies are immeasurable. The collective neurosis of man cannot sustain.”

Be sure to check out the 1st short ‘Early Echo’ and 2nd short ‘Reflections’ here on the Roxy blog.

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