Roxy Bandeaus and Blues: Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!!! Well, almost…in the meantime we’re busy getting ourselves ready for this star studded day with an easy DIY and the fourth’s favorite colors: red, white and blue!

Number one on our list of requirements for the day’s activities is a bikini, and since we couldn’t decide on just one, we’ve rounded up two of our favorites. For all you bandeau lovers, we’ve selected the Against the tide Bikini, it’s blue, white, striped, and perfect to mix and match! Our sporty pick from the Surf Essential line, is the Tri Tankini top because of its great layering ability.

Another must-have on our list is a hint of crochet. We love how the Daisy Rhapsody top let’s any bikini top peek through just a little. Want to ‘dress’ it up – then opt for the red Autumn Light Dress!

For a quick DIY, we pulled out a pair of pliers, a couple star studs and punched a cute little flag design into our Sun Skippers Shorts. It took less than 10 minutes to complete and we’re officially obsessed!

Now it’s time to accessorize, the Mistress Watch for a touch of gold, Azul sandals, a hat, and the Drifter Backpack to stuff it all in!

Have a Happy 4th of July with tons of fireworks and fun!


Roxy Spotted In Footwear News

Summer may have just begun but editors are hard at work on the fall trends for this coming season. What are they forecasting for this Fall 2012? Dalmatian prints! Whether you wear them on your shoes, denim or accessories, these dalmatian dots will be making a statement and adding a new edge to the traditional polka dot. Roxy has the perfect pair of dotted shoes to make sure that you are spotted this season for all the right reasons. The Roxy Pyper ballet flats are perfectly paired with some skinny jeans and a great fitted blazer to make sure your fashion is on point this fall. For these and many more great fall footwear trends, pick up the latest issue of Footwear News and check out roxy.com to get your own perfect Pyper flats.


Aloha from the 2012 Roxy Waikiki Classic

The 2012 Roxy Waikiki Classic took over Queens Beach, Waikiki, on June 16 & 17 (Fathers Day weekend)! The free amateur surf contest included both longboard and shortboard divisions for girls and women of all ages. This year the event also hosted the one and only ASP Women’s Longboard Qualifier in Hawaii, giving the local girls a chance to compete for a spot on the 2013 World Longboard Tour! Honorable mentions in the ASP event include Crystal Dzigas who was crowned winner of the professional longboard final Roxy Team Riders Kelia Moniz who took second, and Vanina Walsh who finished fourth.

With 173 competitors in the amateur division and 24 ASP pros… along with their friends, families and supporters on the beach, you could say there was an impressive turn out! While the surf contest showcased new and returning talent, there was also a ton of action on the beach! Paul Mitchell was on site with their very own hair styling pros and they kept the crowds busy by conditioning/braiding girls’ hair! Anyone who was dry or just out of the water could stop by the Paul Mitchell tent for a beach “do” and learn about hair care and special products for the beach.

There was always something fun going on at the Roxy Tent with customized flip flops, raffles, giveaways and athlete signings with Roxy pro surfers Rosy Hodge, Kelia Moniz, Lisa Andersen, Jen Smith, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, Amy Murphree, and Vanina Walsh! These girls were hanging out all day long getting into the spirit and meeting all the competitors.

Jamba Juice stoked out the beach with free smoothies and the Kokua Hawaii Foundation got on board to share their knowledge and “how to’s” on making recycling fun! They set up recycle stations around the beach and encouraged people to get creative by making their own sea turtles out of bottle caps! The Roxy Initiative joined forced to share the importance of recycling and set up a water station with re-useable bottles for a donation. The Roxy Initiative raised just over $2000 for the Kokua Hawaii Foundation which will be matched and rounded up to $5000 to help fund the Plastics Free Hawaii initiative.

With tons of stoke and Roxy love going around (in and out of the water), the event was for sure a favorite! Roxy hopes to spread the love around the USA one day soon with more events just like it! The Waikiki Classic aims to become a series that will continue to grow in the upcoming years! Stay tuned for 2013 dates coming soon…

“[The Waikiki Classic] is all about having a good time and giving back to the sport. We want to teach the youth so they can learn how to surf and enjoy it like we did! The more events we have like this the more we can inspire the next generation.” – Lisa Andersen, 2012 Roxy Waikiki Classic




Download of the Week: Ramona Falls “Brevony”

Formerly a member of Portland’s best-loved experimental outfit, Menomena, Brent Knopf has stepped out to focus on his own project, Ramona Falls. Although similarities abound between the two acts, Knopf has shaved some of Menomena’s quirkier tendencies off his Ramona Falls material in the name of precision and immediacy. We love that the band is named for a waterfall near Mount Hood (Oregon’s tallest peak, easily visible from Portland) — almost as much as we love “Brevony,” the punchy lead track from the new album, Prophet.

Download here

Ramona Falls


Tatiana Weston-Webb and Meah Collins Set a New Level of Surfing

Roxy Surfers Tatiana Weston-Webb and Meah Collins dominated the Surfing America USA Championships 2012 for the second year in a row. Both girls took junior surfing to a whole new level. Tatiana defended both her USA titles from last year—Under 16 and Under 18—and claimed them once again, earning herself the prestigious California Governor’s Cup Award. Last year, Meah Collins took the title in the Under 12 division. This year she stepped it up, claiming the Under 14 title, and finishing third Under 16, securing herself a spot on the USA Team.

Other honorable mentions include Roxy Surfers Maluhia Kinimaka, who took 4th in the Under 16 final, and Nikki Viesins, who surfed her way to semi-finals. Watch the highlights here and support the Roxy Surf Team this week at the NSSA National Championships at Huntington Beach Pier!


Featured Artist: Japandroids

Striking the North American scene like a lightning bolt with their epic 2009 LP Post-Nothing, Japandroids are a true force of nature. The Vancouver-bred duo of Brian King (guitar/vocals) and David Prowse (drums/vocals) continue to mold a sound that’s unnaturally colossal, drawing on the grandiosity of early 1970s Who, the buzzsaw ferocity of Hüsker Dü, punk-pop’s endless fascination with youth and the glorification of it…and of course, a healthy dose of Canadian humility. On the heels of Post-Nothing‘s success, the band put out three scorching singles in 2010, then took their time last year to craft a proper full-length follow-up. We have a pile of reasons to get behind this band, and the fact that the newly released LP is called Celebration Rock — and better yet, that it lives up to its name — may top the list.


Teepees & Volcanos at summer snowboard camp

Just when you’d packed away the snow gear and dusted off the beach chairs, we’re here to remind you that the best of the snow season has only just begun on the snowy volcano of Mt. Hood, Oregon. This week marks the opening of High Cascade Snowboard Camp, and we wanted to celebrate the magical combination that is summer camp & snowboarding, so what better way to do that than by building a teepee! Roxy Snow Marketing & Team Manager, Amber Stackhouse and the talented gals behind Peepshow Films, June & Esthera, ventured to Mt. Hood, unrolled the canvas and dove in. After 12 hours of painting, 4 hours (and multiple attempts) setting up the dozen 16 foot wooden poles, and our Roxy teepee was open for business. And what will that business be? Perhaps a place to craft, beat the heat, chill with friends, (kiss?), and make happy summer camp memories.


Deals and Steals from Roxy and People StyleWatch

This month, Roxy and People StyleWatch have teamed up to offer readers 20% off  Roxy product in stores and online! Whether you are stocking up on summer swim and sandals or getting a head start on finding fall fashions, Roxy has the product you need. Roxy’s bright colors, bold patterns, summery tanks and dresses emanate the surfer cool style every girl is after. To get your Roxy 20% off code, pick up the latest issue of People StyleWatch, on stands now!


Frequencies: Dissonance with Team Rider Kassia Meador

Introducing the third of four shorts before the Surf film FREQUENCIES, a collaborative effort between director Bruce Muller, photographer Sonny Miller, and Roxy team rider and famed longboarder Kassia Meador, debuts.

Roxy was lucky enough to catch the screening of the film at Sonos Studios in Los Angeles, where ESP performed the original sound scoring live to a packed audience. Ever since, we’ve been anxiously anticipating the chance to share the third short entitled ‘Dissonance’ with all of our Roxy fans.

In the collaborators’ own words, “There is a seemingly chaotic disorder in the world. At all times we are absorbing a myriad of competing frequencies. Electromagnetic, sound, seismic, and ocean waves reverberate all around us…The magnitude of these effects are massive. Some frequencies are incalculable. Certain energies are immeasurable. The collective neurosis of man cannot sustain.”

Be sure to check out the 1st short ‘Early Echo’ and 2nd short ‘Reflections’ here on the Roxy blog.


Lisa Andersen Stops By to Give a Little Tour of Her Quiver

Today is International Surfing Day and as a special post dedicated to this day of surf, we had legendary team rider Lisa Andersen give us a quick tour of her quiver.

Check out Lisa’s favorite surfboards, and learn what she likes to ride in every condition! You can find these boards at Channel Islands, Surfboards by Al Merrick.