Having a Maine Moment with Shana of The Ropes Maine


Moments before we set off on a journey with the Roxy surf team to the Mentawais and Bali for our Summer 2012 shoot, we fell head over heels (and borderline obsessed) with The Ropes Maine and have been completely hooked since.

Thanks to Maine Ropes designer Shana, we packed a bag full of Ropes, which now grace the pages of our Summer 2012 catalog and countless other pictures from the Surf Team’s epic adventure…and some of our co-workers even sports some Ropes too!

We caught up with Shana and had her share some ‘Maine Moments’ with us, because let’s face it, something about her Ropes and Maine quaintness completely entrances us.

Roxy: What is it about Maine you love most?

Shana: I always found the cities to be inspiring in a cultural sense but stifling from a creative and design stand point.  I like the idea of visiting different metropolitan cities but then coming home to Maine to interpret and digest everything.  Maine does not have all those big cities comforts or conveniences therefore I believe it pushes you to be more creative.  Things are not so straight forward or obvious; you have to look outside the box and that is where creativity flourishes.   

Roxy: How would you define a quintessential Maine moment?

Shana: Spending the entire day on my husband’s lobster boat exploring different islands off the coast. 

Roxy: What is your favorite Roxy memory?

Shana: Growing up, I vividly remember my babysitter giving me hand-me-downs of her super cool clothes. I remember labels like Benetton, Espirit, OP, Body Glove, etc. But one item I remember in particular was a pair of boardshorts from Roxy that I wore every single day that summer.

Roxy: Where will your next adventure take you?

Shana: Hopefully on the next Caribbean location with Roxy!…realistically a trunk show/reunion with my college friends in the Hamptons.

Roxy: Can you give us a sneak peek or inside scoop on what we can expect next from The Ropes Maine?

Shana: In the future you can expect to see many more great jewelry designs, as well as a few new accessories – all incorporating rope of course!


Gillian Gibree Wins at Quiksilver Waterman Collection Waikiki Paddle Festival

Roxy Team Rider Gillian Gibree mastered a brand new stand-up paddle race format  to win the elite “Survivor SUP” race of the Quiksilver Waterman Collection Waikiki Paddle Festival over the weekend. Roxy rider, Gillian Gibree, stole the show with a near photo finish beating out Candice Appleby and Jenny Kalmbach by inches across the finish line.

 The new format really created a lot of excitement for spectators and athletes alike, “I love the sprints – they’re so much fun to me, the excitement and the adrenaline. It was a great race. I’ve never beaten Candice or Jenny before. I’m originally from Massachusetts – really cold water, so this is like a dream come true being able to experience this. I grew up in the country. My dad’s a hockey player. When I started learning to do this I got my butt kicked a million times over but I guess I finally learned and I’m loving it. I love everything about the ocean,” said Gillian, “It was a nice surprise.” And well deserved! Congrats Gillian! Head to for complete event results and information.


Featured Artist: White Sea

If you’re a fan of M83, you’ll almost certainly recognize Morgan Kibby’s heavenly voice from the French band’s albums, particularly the 2008 breakthrough Saturdays = Youth. Even though she’s still a member of M83, Kibby has started to make her solo mark under the White Sea moniker as not only a recording artist, but also an in-demand remix producer for, among others, Britney Spears and the Naked and Famous. Her debut EP, This Frontier, possesses a lush, grand sound we can’t get enough of – perfect for when you’re getting yourself ready for a big night!


Brooklyn Decker Rocks Roxy In This Month’s Women’s Health

In the May issue of Women’s Health, actress and model Brooklyn Decker shares her top 10 tricks to staying in head-turning shape. In the Run, Jump, Sizzle exclusive feature, Brooklyn tells you her favorite workouts and secrets all while rocking the Roxy Flip Out Shorts! These nylon shorts give you everything you could possibly want without sacrificing one bit of cuteness. Whether you are running or jumping, in or out of the water, these shorts are the perfect accompaniment to any athletic outfit. Click here to get your own pair of Roxy Flip Out Shorts and for more of Brooklyn’s fitness tips and tricks, pick up the latest issue of Women’s Health, on stands now.


Snow Video: P.S. …That’s Ms. Superpark to You!

Hot of the presses, the ladies over at P.S. have once again released a fun, action packed, energetic video that makes me wish summer was not knocking on the door already. Last week at Squaw Valley resort Snowboarder Magazine held the annual Ms. Superpark event and invited the best girls in the business to come play in the park. Roxy rider Kjersti Buaas threw down so many cool tricks all week long that she earned the prestigious Standout Rider Award. See the highlights here.

P.S…. That’s Ms Superpark to you! from P.S. Webisodes on Vimeo.


Download of the Week: Young Hines “Rainy Day”

One moment he’s channeling the loose spirit of Paul McCartney’s tuneful early 1970s albums; the next, he’s shredding his vocal cords while bashing through riff-stomping rock. Indeed, it’s tough to pigeonhole Young Hines…and yes, that’s his given name. The Georgia native began playing music as a pre-teen; many years later, a chance encounter with singer-songwriter Brendan Benson through a mutual friend resulted in not only a new musical compatriot, but a deal with Benson’s Readymade Records imprint. Benson himself produced Hines’ fine new album, Give Me My Change, and we’ll hardly be surprised if it turns out to be one of our favorite records of 2012.

Download here

Young Hines


Lucky Girls

With closets full of Roxy and beaches as our backyard how couldn’t we be lucky girls?

It wasn’t until Lucky Magazine picked up on this cool California lifestyle and came by Roxy headquarters, in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA, to snap a few pictures for their coveted Office Spy Feature that we realized how Lucky we truly are.

Racks of Summer’s finest was rolled in, along with trays of exquisite jewelry, tons of shoes and of course, ROXY clothes!  Four ‘California Dreamers’ from Roxy were styled head-to-toe, including: Senior Designer Ashley Anson, Winter Sports Marketing Manager Amber Stackhouse, Inside Sales Rep Wendi Larsen and Marketing and Social Media Coordinator Carly Bennett.

Thanks for coming to our California playground Lucky!

From left to right: on Ashley:  Shallow Tank;  Amber: Skinny Floods Jeans,  Spectrum Belt; Wendi: Sea Dwells Shorts; Carly: Peace Trippin Tank, The Skinny Belt