Winner Announcement: Cook Islands Sweeps!

We finally have a winner for our Sweeps to the beautiful COOK ISLANDS!
Some of us will feel a little schadenfreude at this announcement, but Kat W. from Clearwater, Florida is the super lucky gal who won our Cook Islands sweeps. Kat – a ROXY girl through and through – is a fan of surfing and travel and will be bringing her own Mom to this trip. A collective “awwwwww” is in order. Congrats, Kat! Pack your bags!


Download of the Week: Ravens & Chimes “Hearts of Palm”

If Ravens & Chimes‘ baroque pop sounds familiar on first listen, you’re probably a fan of Montreal acts such as Arcade Fire and Stars. Dig deeper, though, and you’ll hear strains of the Decemberists and even Nick Drake on the New York band’s pair of albums – their amazing 2007 debut, Reichenbach Falls, and its follow-up, Holiday Life (out April 3). The new record, several years in the making, is rich in subtle beauty and could likely turn out to be one of our favorites of 2012…an ideal soundtrack to spring days ahead.

Download here

Ravens & Chimes


Take A Trip: Kelia ventures to BALI

Q&A with Kelia Moniz

Roxy: The surf trip to the Mentawais looks incredible! What are some of your favorite memories with the Roxy Team?

KM: One of my favorite memories from the trip was riding elephants with all the girls and surfing some of the most incredible waves I’ve ever come across.  

Roxy: We know you’re all surf, but we’ve seen your snow bunny side…What are some of the key pieces you’ve gotta have with you from surf to snow?

KM: I always have to have a bikini like the Flora Paradiso in my suitcase, you never know what beach you’ll land at or what mountain top Jacuzzi you’ll find.

Roxy: We know you love dancing and singing like no one’s watching…If we turned on your Ipod, what might we hear?

KM: Don’t be surprised if Justin Beiber is playing, Rihanna, Beyonce, or Lil’ Wayne. (Fun Fact: Kelia was serenaded on stage by Justin Beiber at his concert)

Roxy: What is one thing about you that might surprise people (besides growing up with a pig as a pet)?

KM: I’m REALLY afraid of the dark…like REALLY!

Follow Sally on Twitter @KeliaMoniz

Want a chance to Live the Dream of A Roxy Girl? Sea For Yourself (see official rules for details)…


Office Spy: ‘What’s in Your Bag’ with Jordan N.


Meet Jordan Nemer,  Roxy’s in house Swim & Outdoor Fitness Merchandiser. Frankly, one of the sweetest gals we know who just so happens to have one of the coolest jobs here at Roxy because, let’s face it, ‘nothing is better than swim suits!’.

We’ve been ever curious about what she was carrying around in her bag…besides being semi-envious of her effortless style and yet  perfectly accessorized  appearance,  it seemed befitting that we do a little office spying of our own and determine ‘What’s In A Bag’ and ‘steal/borrow’ some of her secrets.

Here’s what we found:

                  1. The Drifter Casual Backpack is the perfect backpack because it’s big enough that I can fit all of my goodies in it, but it’s not too bulky! I love that it’s a cute yarn dye  fabric that’s super soft and the front compartment is easy to access my smaller items that I always have with me. I can take it to all of my meetings, and throw it on when heading down to the beach.

                  2. Dream Weaver Bikini: I always keep a Roxy bikini on hand, because living in Southern California the weather is always just right for some beach time. If I can sneak a little bronzing session in during my work week I am stoked!

                  3. Beach Toes nail polish & file: My designer Tori Smith and I are obsessed with our nails! We keep a little stash of nail products around in case of a polish emergency J The Beach Toes polish is super bright which is perfect for Spring/Summer time and looks amazing against tan skin.

                  4. Lip Gloss: I am a HUGE lipgloss addict. Constantly re-applying, and love all bright pink colors! MAC and Stila glosses are two of my favorites.

                  5. Sunnies: are a must have! I change which sunnies I wear daily!

                  6. Notebook & pens: My days are usually packed full of meetings so I always have a notebook and pens handy to keep track of everything that I have going on.

                  7. The Ropes Maine: I am OBSESSED with these gorgeous neon wrapped hand-made rope bracelets! They are the perfect pop of color to any outfit, and since I am notorious for wearing mostly black, the Ropes bracelets are the perfect way for me to show a little color!


Catalog Countdown: Pages to Press Check

We’re anxiously counting down our SUMMER 2012 Catalog which officially drops on April 23rd. In grand anticipation of its arrival we’ll be giving you a behind the scenes look at what goes into the making of a ROXY catalog each week!

 This week we’re taking you to Wisconsin, where graphic designer extraordinaire, Rebecca Kudela, traveled to oversee the catalog press check.

Ever wonder what goes into a press check…here’s Becca’s quick guide:

1. Files/artwork is sent to the printer.

2. The files are setup on the huge web press that prints thousands of catalogs a minute (it happens really fast so I have to be quick about the decisions I make while on press)!

3. One of the most important components of press checking is to make sure the color looks ok! I compare what is being printed to the original photo proofs from back at the office and make sure the color matches. Is the ocean as blue as it is on the original? Are a pair of shorts red on press, when they are actually Coral?

4. The catalog gets printed in three parts, the cover portion (front, back, inside front, inside back), and the body – which is split up into two parts. The printer operates 24 hours a day, so for this book I started at 12am and finished approving the last body section at 5am, a long night, but worth it!


Featured Artist: Chromatics

Five years in the making and recorded in Montreal, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Paris, Jarkarta and their hometown of Portland, the Chromatics‘ new album “Kill For Love” was finally released last week. All of their efforts ended up in the music, with not a moment wasted (the album is an hour and a half long!). You might have heard their song “Tick of the Clock” on the soundtrack to Drive last year, and you can except more of the same icy, methodical electro on the new album. We love the title track, embedded below, and think you will too!


Sally Fitzgibbons is Ready to Ring the Bell – Again!

Sally Fitzgibbons embodies determination. Her strong surfing and competitive drive is not only a translation of her physical ability, but stem from her strength of mind and character.

Sally finished runner up in 3 ASP Women’s World Tour events in 2010. Last year, she finished number one in 3 events. Sally claimed her maiden victory at the 2011 Rip Curl Women’s Pro Bells Beach. She took out 3 time World Champion Stephanie Gilmore in the semi-finals, and beat Carissa Moore after a hard-fought final. Sally finished off the season runner-up to Carissa Moore. Then she fired back and won the final event at the US Open.

Sally trained during the whole off-season for a shot at the 2012 World Title. This season kicked off at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast. Sally launched incredibly high scores and surpassed top competitor, Carissa Moore. Sally met Stephanie once again in the semi-finals. But Stephanie came back and won the event.

Now Sally is more driven than ever for a second victory at Bells Beach. She recently won the 6 star event in Newcastle, after winning the 6 star at Manly. She is on fire and ready for her second Bells victory and her first 2012 WCT win.

Follow Sally’s pursuit of the World Title, and watch her live this week! The holding period begins on April 3. Root for Sally to capture that Bells victory – again!