Office Spy: ‘What’s in Your Bag’ with Jordan N.


Meet Jordan Nemer,  Roxy’s in house Swim & Outdoor Fitness Merchandiser. Frankly, one of the sweetest gals we know who just so happens to have one of the coolest jobs here at Roxy because, let’s face it, ‘nothing is better than swim suits!’.

We’ve been ever curious about what she was carrying around in her bag…besides being semi-envious of her effortless style and yet  perfectly accessorized  appearance,  it seemed befitting that we do a little office spying of our own and determine ‘What’s In A Bag’ and ‘steal/borrow’ some of her secrets.

Here’s what we found:

                  1. The Drifter Casual Backpack is the perfect backpack because it’s big enough that I can fit all of my goodies in it, but it’s not too bulky! I love that it’s a cute yarn dye  fabric that’s super soft and the front compartment is easy to access my smaller items that I always have with me. I can take it to all of my meetings, and throw it on when heading down to the beach.

                  2. Dream Weaver Bikini: I always keep a Roxy bikini on hand, because living in Southern California the weather is always just right for some beach time. If I can sneak a little bronzing session in during my work week I am stoked!

                  3. Beach Toes nail polish & file: My designer Tori Smith and I are obsessed with our nails! We keep a little stash of nail products around in case of a polish emergency J The Beach Toes polish is super bright which is perfect for Spring/Summer time and looks amazing against tan skin.

                  4. Lip Gloss: I am a HUGE lipgloss addict. Constantly re-applying, and love all bright pink colors! MAC and Stila glosses are two of my favorites.

                  5. Sunnies: are a must have! I change which sunnies I wear daily!

                  6. Notebook & pens: My days are usually packed full of meetings so I always have a notebook and pens handy to keep track of everything that I have going on.

                  7. The Ropes Maine: I am OBSESSED with these gorgeous neon wrapped hand-made rope bracelets! They are the perfect pop of color to any outfit, and since I am notorious for wearing mostly black, the Ropes bracelets are the perfect way for me to show a little color!

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  1. katie says:

    April 3, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    dream job! Sweet bag and love the bathing suit top & rope bracelets.

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