Earth Day Artwork: Rebecca Kudela


A brilliant graphic designer who makes magic happen on our computer screens, scans the beaches on her daily workouts and weekend beach combing sessions in an effort to clean up. Her artwork submission entitled ‘COLLECTED’ recently took 1st prize at our company Earth Day artwork.

Here’s a little message from the artist’s submission: “Over the past few weeks I’ve been going to the beach every day after work – beachcombing and collecting. My initial thought for this project was to make a collage out of all-natural elements found at the beach, but, once I started collecting I quickly realized I was finding more plastic than anything else. These days our So Cal beaches are covered with so much plastic and trash it makes me sick – and this art piece is the result. It’s impossible to find a shell anymore without finding 20 pieces of trash to go along with it. How did we let it come to this? Let this be a reminder to help keep our beaches clean and next time you go out for a surf, when you leave bring some of that trash with you.”

For more from Becca check out her blog!

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