Download of the Week: Brendan Benson “Bad As Me”

If you recognize Brendan Benson‘s voice, it’s likely from hearing the Raconteurs, the band he co-founded with fellow Michigander Jack White in 2005. His solo career, however, dates back to the mid 1990s, so it’s hardly surprising that his new single, “Bad For Me,” sounds so remarkably assured and well-crafted. The song – and its soaring choruses that seem plucked straight from Elton John’s 1970s songbook – is pulled from Benson’s upcoming record, What Kind Of World, due this month on Benson’s own Readymade Records. If the rest of the album is as brilliant as “Bad For Me,” it’ll turn out to be one of our favorites of the year, hands down.

Download here

Brendan Benson

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