Earth Day Artwork: Rebecca Kudela


A brilliant graphic designer who makes magic happen on our computer screens, scans the beaches on her daily workouts and weekend beach combing sessions in an effort to clean up. Her artwork submission entitled ‘COLLECTED’ recently took 1st prize at our company Earth Day artwork.

Here’s a little message from the artist’s submission: “Over the past few weeks I’ve been going to the beach every day after work – beachcombing and collecting. My initial thought for this project was to make a collage out of all-natural elements found at the beach, but, once I started collecting I quickly realized I was finding more plastic than anything else. These days our So Cal beaches are covered with so much plastic and trash it makes me sick – and this art piece is the result. It’s impossible to find a shell anymore without finding 20 pieces of trash to go along with it. How did we let it come to this? Let this be a reminder to help keep our beaches clean and next time you go out for a surf, when you leave bring some of that trash with you.”

For more from Becca check out her blog!


Snow Video: P.S. …Love Hurts!

Behind every beautifully executed snowboard video shot is usually at least a few failed attempts. Even the most seasoned pros have to pay their dues if they want to progress. But as the saying goes, no pain no gain. After 13 videos of stomped tricks, Roxy rider Robin Van Gyn and the rest of the girls over at P.S. have compiled the season’s best bails for your viewing discomfort.

P.S… Love Hurts! from P.S. Webisodes on Vimeo.


Featured Artist: The Black

Their rootsy music conjuring images of sun-bleached barns and beach barbecues, the Black are one of the most Americana-laced bands we’ve heard in quite some time – perfect for the summer to come. The Austin, Texas foursome weaves classic vocal harmonies over barroom-ready melodies in a rich tradition that stretches from Bob Dylan circa The Basement Tapes to Wilco’s Being There / Mermaid Avenue period. You can bet the farm that the Black’s latest album, Sun In The Day Moon At Night, will be the first thing we cue up on our next drive down a lonesome highway.


Let The Voting Begin…Let The Sea Set You Free

The Let The Sea Set You Free Voting Phase has officially kicked off and will be open until May 8th!

Now’s the time to start sharing with your friends and family. Share your entry link by posting on your facebook wall, sharing it on twitter, email, etc!.…Vote everyday for your favorite entry. Every vote counts!

Let the voting begin (see official rules for details)…VOTE NOW!


Download of the Week: Fort Romeau “SW9″

When he’s not manning the keyboards for UK dancefloor favorites La Roux, Mikey Norris busies himself with his own recording project, Fort Romeau. Listening to his solo material – which is definitely rougher and more club-ready than anything by La Roux – we get a strong sense of mysteriousness, and it’s something that makes these songs so versatile. Indeed, whether in the car, at the gym, out for a run, or even at a party, Fort Romeau tracks seem right at home as they worm their way into the foreground of your life. Check the new single “SW9” to hear what all the fuss is about!

Download here

Fort Romeau


Roxy’s Surf Prodigies are on a Roll!

Congratulations to all of our Roxy Team groms! Tatiana Weston-Webb took 3rd place in the final last week at the ISA World Surfing Games in Panama, helping her Hawaiian team capture the World Championship in a big way. Just a week prior, Tatiana won the 2012 Rip Curl Grom Search International Final at Bells Beach, Australia. Congratulations, Tatiana!

Other honorable mentions, Chelsea Tuach (Barbados) and Nikki Viesins (FL) put on outstanding performances at the ISA World Surfing Games. A few days before their flight to Panama, the girls both surfed the 48th Annual Ron Jon’s Surf Festival at Cocoa Beach, Florida. Chelsea took the title in the $2,500 Roxy Women’s Shortboard, and Nikki took home third in the final.

At only sixteen years old, these girls are dominating internationally!


Sea Your Style: How to Wear the Waxer Vest

Here’s how we Sea it…The Waxer Vest is a must-have workable wardrobe piece. We have Roxy surfer Girl Kelia Moniz showing us 3 different ways to pile on the style this summer! Get inspired by her how-to and make up some up some of your own looks using the Roxy Waxer Vest!

Seen here wearing some Roxy Beach Pants (Oyster Shells) and Surf Essentials Bandeau Bikini Top.

All about Maxis! Working this watercolored World Festival Dress…with her WaxerVest, of course!



Featured Arist: Jess Penner

Spending her childhood on a Hawaiian farm but long since relocated to the US mainland, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Jess Penner continues to carve out her own niche. On the heels of her 2010 solo debut, Love Love Love, we’re now super-excited for her follow-up LP, Growing In The Cold, which Penner self-produced at home. Trading in Love Love Love‘s summery vibe for a crisp and confident – but still catchy – blend of folk and easygoing electro-pop, Growing In The Cold is destined to become one of our listening mainstays…and perhaps one of yours as well!


Team rider Erin Comstock celebrates 10 years with Roxy

Erin's happiest place

Roxy snow team rider Erin Comstock celebrates 10 years with Roxy this season.  2012 has proved her toughest winter yet.  But while snowboarding has it’s extreme highs and extreme lows, it teaches us a lot about life and what is important.  Enjoy the powerful video recap of her 2012 season and the story of her journey with Roxy.  We love you, Erin!!

P.S……Erins Return from Europe! from P.S. Webisodes on Vimeo.

Erin’s words:
“In 2002 I was asked if I would like to go to June Lakes for a Roxy photo shoot. I had no idea what that meant, but travelling somewhere to snowboard sounded wonderful to me so of course I said YES! I went on the trip with no expectations other than getting some free coats and meeting some really awesome people. I did my first photo shoot there and met Torah Bright, Amber Stackhouse, Jessica Dalpiaz, and Danielle Beck. I hadn’t ridden with female riders before this photo shoot and I had an amazing week of riding with these pros. Little did I know that this talented group would become my best friends, my sisters, and my other family….
I had no idea 10 years ago that I would still be living my dream of snowboarding around the world today. I want to thank Roxy for all the support and for allowing me to meet some of the most wonderful people on this planet. I know for a fact that Roxy stands by me as an athlete and as a friend. We have traveled the world together producing a lot of movies, podcasts, and editorial showcasing the best times of my life.
I also want to thank Sarah Burke for the great example she has been to me. Her smile makes me want to be a better person. Her passion for skiing makes me want to try that new trick. Her passion for life makes me take a deep breath and look forward to what’s ahead for me. I love my snow family and everything they have provided for me!”
Scroll down for a gallery of Erin’s 10 years with Roxy.


Thanks 2 You! We’ve Reached 2 Million Facebook Fans

Thanks 2 You! We’ve Reached 2 Million Facebook Fans!

It’s moments like this, that we realize how truly inspiring the Roxy brand is. We’ve been blessed to connect with young, talented women from all over the world like yourselves.

We recently set out on a GLOBAL search for 3 girls who want to live the DREAM of a Roxy girl and experience something that money just can’t buy!

It’s this dream that has inspired countless videos, pictures and submissions from all over the world telling us why they are a ROXY GIRL!

“We were already obsessed with our community of friends and are now blown away by the number of new girls who want to join our ride.  We have already found so many amazing girls from this contest that we are truly inspired to see how global you ladies are. We are amazed by each entry and story that you have submitted.  You keep us grounded, committed, and you personally ensure we stay true and committed to Roxy.There is an amazing network of girls out there that are making waves. You should be proud” Danielle Beck VP of Roxy Marketing.

There’s still time to Tell us what makes you a Roxy Girl. Enter for your chance to Live the Dream of a Roxy Girl. The Let The Sea Set You Free contest ENDS in less than 1 WEEK: April 26th 11:59pm PST (see official contest rules for details).

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