Wear Green, Be Green

We’re embracing the green side of things in grand anticipation for St. Patty’s day by pulling out our Peace Trippin Tank in the turq print (lovin’ the tiny sharks) and flaunting an easy DIY sea urchin necklace we quickly crafted.

 Feeling a little green? Don’t sweat it, just follow our easy arithmetic and you’ll be in luck – ‘Wear Green, Be Green’.  

With so many shades of green there’s plenty to pick from. Our choice happens to be a gorgeous turquoise number that reminds us of the SEA. Now that we have our ‘Wear Green’ nailed down, it’s time to focus on the “Be Green”. Look to things you’ve collected and recycle what you aren’t using, or something straight from Mother Nature, to create that one-of-a-kind piece. We’ve use two ‘green’ SEA urchins and a piece of leather and with a couple easy knots and loops we made a statement necklace that will do it’s magic all summer long.

Have some fun this St. Patty’s day!

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