2012 Rincon Classic Rewind

Roxy had an amazing weekend at the 2012 Rincon Classic! We took a road trip north to Santa Barbara with Lisa Andersen and the Quiksilver crew.

On Saturday and Sunday, we setup camp just in time for the contestants to grab some hot chocolate during sign-ups and first heats. We warmed them up with some Roxy beanies, gloves, and scarf giveaways.

Everyone was stoked on the goodies, and excited to enter our raffle for a free Roxy wetsuit!

Lisa hung out with us in the tent, signed some autographs for some admiring fans, and surfed in Sunday’s expression session.

The Wahine Finalists charged head high Rincon rights, and Jesse Ransone took first place. Standout Demi Boelsterli won her women’s division, defending her 8x championship title after tucking into dry barrels and executing maneuvers the men’s division tried to live up to.

The girls finalists took home Roxy Goodie bags, and even the boys finalists were rewarded with a pair of Roxy Sunnies!



  1. Jesse Ransone
  2. Abby Browne
  3. Zoe Luna
  4. Alanna Moore
  5. Olivia Siemens


  1. Demi Boesterli
  2. Aubrey Falk Luyendyk
  3. Michelle Perry
  4. Meghan Frontino
  5. Lisa Wynn Luna
  6. Olivia Siemens

Roxy Shooting Star Weekly Winners: DANIKA DUFFY AND SARAH FRUENDT

We’re one week into the 2012 Roxy Shooting Star competition, and that means we have winners! Remember, each Monday, we’ll select the best video from both the A-Lister and Local Celebrity categories and send them prizes. It’s not a guarantee that they’ll win the overall prize, but it is an extra chance at gear. The competition was tight in the A-lister category this week, with Katie Williams pulling out a front and backside rodeo to give Danika Duffy a serious run for her money. For her video though, Danika will receive a brand new Roxy Jacket. In the local celeb category, Sarah Fruendt impressed us with her smooth riding on the rails at Crested Butte and is getting a fresh new pair of Roxy Goggles to show for it. (Not to mention the Tee and Beanie they’re both getting for being some of the first girls to sign up!)

There are only three weeks left to submit your video, so get your cameras and put together a video. Whether you’re an expert in the park or just learning to hit boxes and rails, we’ve got two categories and tons of prizes!
Get all the info and submit your video at: roxyshootingstar.yobeat.com

Untitled from Danika Lynn on Vimeo.


Featured Artist: Big Search

Although he’s best known for his work as a member of Los Angeles folk-rock band Foreign Born – among myriad other groups he’s been involved with over the years – Matt Popieluch is out to change that with his own project, Big Search. Indeed, it’s become the primary focus of his songwriting and recording, and once you hear his crazy-gifted knack for dreamy vocal harmonies and breezy melodies, you’ll understand why. Since he’s only released a pair of singles to date under his Big Search moniker (both available via Bandcamp), we’re eagerly awaiting his upcoming full-length record!


Selena Gomez Wears A Roxy Bikini

Check out Selena Gomez rocking a Roxy bikini in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this past week! Click here to see the Roxy Spring 12 bikini collection and get your very own!


Download of the Week: Princeton “Remembrance of Things To Come”

Matt and Jesse Kivel of Princeton knew they wanted to follow a fresh path on their new album, Remembrances Of Things To Come. Known for the easygoing indie pop of their 2009 debut LP, Cocoon Of Love, the identical twin brothers decided to remove themselves from their southern California comfort zone and write their newest batch of songs in an isolated London flat during a dreary English winter. Along the way, they embraced new concepts such as emphasizing rhythm over melody, as well as constructing long-form disco tracks and listening to experimental composers. Through all these changes, Princeton have come out the other side with a ton of excellent material, the best of which might be the new record’s elegant title track. The album’s out this month – let us know what you think of the lead single!

Download Here



Mix It Up With Roxy and Teen Vogue

Spring is just around the corner and this season, graphic print jeans are in! Teen Vogue shows you their top picks in their March issue. Making the grade are Roxy Skinny Floods. These printed jeans are the perfect pants to help you create a style that is distinctly yours. Mix them and match them with your favorite tees, tanks and sweaters for a unique and chic outfit this spring. For your very own Roxy Skinny Floods, click here, and for more great spring fashion trends, pick up the latest issue of Teen Vogue, on stands now!


2012 Roxy Snow Pro happening now!

The world’s best female snowboarders are flocking to Austria this weekend for the ROXY SNOW PRO. This 5 star TTR slopestyle event is being held under the lights at Nightpark Saalbach Hinterglemm and will feature riding from the girl’s at the top of their field, like Roxy’s own Olympians Torah Bright and Ty Walker. Did you know women’s snowboard slopestyle will be in the next Winter Olympics? With that kind of goal on the horizon I have a feeling we’ll see history made at the Roxy Snow Pro, with women pulling out tricks like 900s, 1080s, and maybe the first double cork in women’s competition. So tune in Friday to Roxylive.com and see olympic hopefuls battle it out for the chance at $25,000!


2012 Roxy Shooting star video contest starts now!

Casting call! Today marks the official start of the 2012 Roxy Shooting Star Online Video Contest. We’re on the search for the next snowboard video star. So gather up your best snowboard video shots, or go out and shoot some new tricks and send them our way for the chance to win money and loads of Roxy prizes! New this year, enter as a A-Lister or a Local Celebrity– you decide based upon your ability. We’ll select winners every week and award them with prizes. The grand prizes and overall Shooting Star champ will be awarded on March 5th. Weekly winners will have their video shown on Roxy, yobeat.com, and sbcwomen.com. Entry is FREE. The first 30 girls to enter receive a Roxy tee & beanie! Submit your video & follow the action at Roxyshootingstar.yobeat.com

Highlights from last years Shooting Star:


Snow Video: P.S. …If I told you, I would have to kill you

In the latest episode from the Roxy rider Robin Van Gyn and the girls over at P.S., they head deep into the British Columbia wilderness to a place where you and I are likely to never set foot. Good thing we can just watch this video and see what we’re missing!


Featured Artist: Ladyhawke

Featured Song: “Black and White”
Album: Anxiety
Facebook: /Ladyhawke
Twitter: @ladyhawkeforyou

Finally following up her multi-award winning, critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album, Ladyhawke (aka, Phillipa Brown) is about to release her second album, Anxiety, on March 16 via Modular Recordings. Needless to say, we are huge fans. We can’t even tell you how many times we played her album Paris is Burning (especially “Back of the Van” – we still crank that one at the gym!). The new album was recorded in New Zealand and France last year with producer and friend Pascal Gabriel, and it features ten new songs including the single “Black White & Blue,” which is the video we’ve embedded up there. Like last time, she played a good chunk of the instruments on the album, so on this particular track she sang, played lead guitar, bass, and the drums. We’re definitely impressed!