In 2010, Roxy Team Rider Sally Fitzgibbons finished number 2 in the world. In 2011, she came within close reach of the world title, finishing second again, but ending the season with strong win at the US Open of Surfing.

This year, Sally is more determined than ever to capture that world title. Sally has been using this year to keep improving, working with coaches, training, and fine-tuning everything to prepare her for the season.

Already, Sally Fitzgibbons has kicked off the season with a victory at the Australian Open of Surfing at Manly. Last week, Sally was honored at the Australian Surfing Awards, with Female Surfer of the Year, an award that has been held by World Champions including Layne Beachley and Stephanie Gilmore.

Sally’s pre-season success is a great lead into the ASP Women’s World Tour of Surfing, and she is already making a big impression.

 First stop, the 2012 Roxy Pro on the Gold Coast of Australia. Watch Sally live this week http://roxylive.com/roxyprogoldcoast/2012/, and Follow Sally’s pursuit of the 2012 Women’s World Championship on Roxy.com (http://blog.roxy.com/?s=sally+fitzgibbons) and on Twitter @Sally_Fitz

Go Sally!

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