Featured Artist: Ladyhawke

Featured Song: “Black and White”
Album: Anxiety
Facebook: /Ladyhawke
Twitter: @ladyhawkeforyou

Finally following up her multi-award winning, critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album, Ladyhawke (aka, Phillipa Brown) is about to release her second album, Anxiety, on March 16 via Modular Recordings. Needless to say, we are huge fans. We can’t even tell you how many times we played her album Paris is Burning (especially “Back of the Van” – we still crank that one at the gym!). The new album was recorded in New Zealand and France last year with producer and friend Pascal Gabriel, and it features ten new songs including the single “Black White & Blue,” which is the video we’ve embedded up there. Like last time, she played a good chunk of the instruments on the album, so on this particular track she sang, played lead guitar, bass, and the drums. We’re definitely impressed!

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