Congratulations Sally, on Winning the Australian Open of Surfing at Manly!


Yesterday, Roxy Team rider and top ASP contender Sally Fitzgibbons was crowned champion of the Inaugural Australian Open of Surfing Pro.

Team Rider Sofia Mulanovich and Sally both surfed impressively on their way to the final, but in the final round Sally took the lead with her massive turns and critical maneuvers that awed both the judges and spectators– a great way to kick off her season just before the ASP Roxy Pro at Snapper on the Gold Coast of Australia. 

Follow Sally on her journey in pursuit of capturing the World Title this year with the first stop at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2012 and on Twitter @Sally_Fitz

Stay tuned for updates on Sally Fitzgibbons and the Roxy Pro Gold Coast next week!

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