2012 Rincon Classic Rewind

Roxy had an amazing weekend at the 2012 Rincon Classic! We took a road trip north to Santa Barbara with Lisa Andersen and the Quiksilver crew.

On Saturday and Sunday, we setup camp just in time for the contestants to grab some hot chocolate during sign-ups and first heats. We warmed them up with some Roxy beanies, gloves, and scarf giveaways.

Everyone was stoked on the goodies, and excited to enter our raffle for a free Roxy wetsuit!

Lisa hung out with us in the tent, signed some autographs for some admiring fans, and surfed in Sunday’s expression session.

The Wahine Finalists charged head high Rincon rights, and Jesse Ransone took first place. Standout Demi Boelsterli won her women’s division, defending her 8x championship title after tucking into dry barrels and executing maneuvers the men’s division tried to live up to.

The girls finalists took home Roxy Goodie bags, and even the boys finalists were rewarded with a pair of Roxy Sunnies!



  1. Jesse Ransone
  2. Abby Browne
  3. Zoe Luna
  4. Alanna Moore
  5. Olivia Siemens


  1. Demi Boesterli
  2. Aubrey Falk Luyendyk
  3. Michelle Perry
  4. Meghan Frontino
  5. Lisa Wynn Luna
  6. Olivia Siemens

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