Roxy NYC Edition

Roxy set off to New York City and we brought along Roxy team rider and Olympic Gold Medalist Torah Bright to help spread the word for Clothes4Souls- the national charity we are helping support throughout the month of December in NYC Roxy stores!

We took quite a few photos during our journey cross-country…here’s a snapshot of some of our favs… get the rest via Instagram where you can follow us @Roxyclothing

Torah Bright for Clothes4Souls.For more details on how to help this season – Click Here!

The ‘FOXY ROXY’ limited edition Spirithoods on the Today Show with Al Roker! Yep- Al gave the girls a shout out on morning show!

Getting ready for some Surf Denim DIY to kick off the clothing drive!

Torah Bright says ‘Sew It’ this Season!

Acting Paw-tastic in front of Roxy Times Square!

New York Waves…some DIY magic in our midst

A nighttime stroll in the city that never sleeps…

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