Roxy Guest Blogger: Kaitlin

After flipping through the pages of the Winter 2011 catalog, I’ve definitely been inspired to try out some new styles!

The Ice Rink Dress: Long sleeved dresses are so trendy for this season, and are perfect for holiday occasions.

The Alpine Sweater: Who doesn’t love an adorable winter sweater? The snowflake pattern is so festive for the winter season!

The Traveler Bag: Forget plain-jane purses this winter- I am all about toting my belongings in this awesome backpack. 

Inspiration: DIY! With the holidays in full swing, Do It Yourself projects are always a perfect way to keep busy (if you aren’t already busy enough!)- plus, they make great gifts and decorations.  Check out this cute light bulb vase idea!

Happy Friday!! Xox Kaitlin 

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