Kjersti Buaas Clocks in at Roxy Headquarters

What do you do to keep your face protected on the mountain?
I wear a neck warmer, Roxy makes some really nice ones that you can hide from the cold with style. And I also use SPF 25 sunscreen.

What item do you consider your must-have on the hill?
Music. My phone or a shuffle. I put a good playlist on so I can jam out. Everything from really cruise-y music to upbeat. Music inspires me to try something that I’m scared of.

Tell us something that would surprise us about yourself?
I use a reusable glass coffee mug with a glass straw to protect my teeth from the coffee staining.

@ajuthe asked: What’s your favorite part about snowboarding? and what is your fav trick? i’m going to guess air to fakie in the pipe!
I love air-to-fakies. But now my favorite trick is a backside 5 on a jump, it feels really good in the air.

@adribbby asked: How do you manage to snowboard so long without freezing?!
I wear wool first layers, even wool underwear. Growing up in Norway I learned a lot about this. They even have bras made of wool. Don’t use cotton because that will make you colder. Roxy has a lot of good fleece options. And foot warmers, the ones with the rechargeable batteries are good.

@ibisssx3 asked: Where’s you favorite place to snowboard at?
Wherever there’s good snow. I like the Breckenridge and Keystone parks, and Tahoe and Northstar is great in the spring. Norway has some cools spots, and Japan for powder.

@kiranapiranha asked: If you couldn’t snowboard for a living, what would you be doing instead?
I would be a teach of some sort. I love kids and I like to teach people things. …And if I could choose a talent, I would be a singer or a rockstar…but I don’t have that talent.

@sj4569 asked: Hey what’s your favorite thing to do when your not snowboarding?
I love to watch movies. Old ones and new ones. In the Christmas spirit, Love Actually is a really good one. I also like to shoot photos, edit photos, edit movies, all kinds of media stuff. And I love to play my ukelele. I’m not very good yet, but everyday I’m learning. I’m learning Christmas songs now, on the uke.

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    January 3, 2012 at 12:28 pm

    Is there a main Roxy Headquaters?

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