Roxy Guest Blogger: Kaitlin

All I can think about is the holidays- the lights around town, the window displays in the stores, and the fact that my roommate has been blasting Christmas tunes are just a few reminders that the holidays are near.  One of my all-time favorite things about the holidays is gift giving!

Why not spice things up a bit and go for some winter slippers or boots?! My personal favorite are the Just Chillin Boots, because I absolutely love patterns this winter. The Mark it Mine cosmetic bag and the Sometime laptop sleeve case  in are the perfect Roxy duo that any friend would be thrilled to unwrap.  Although store bought gifts are very thoughtful, receiving a homemade gift always brings a smile to my face- try a mixed CD, a picture frame, or handmade bracelets are all easy ways to give this winter!

Friday Inspiration: Even though Christmas is probably decking the halls of your school, office, or town, let’s not forget that the holiday season is a time to be thankful for the wonderful people around us and the opportunities we have been given!

Xox Kaitlin

PS: The Roxy Holga Camera is on my Christmas list… If it is on yours too, check out next week’s Twitter Tuesday contest for a chance to win soemthing new!!

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