Torah Bright: Stuck in New Zealand

Stuck in Queenie!

After an amazing trip to New Zealand and days of lapping the park up at Snow Park with Scotty James, Jake, and Benny, I got ready to head back to Australia only to get trapped in Queenstown. This storm is turning out to be the storm of the decade or century for New Zealand with cancelled flights for days and days. Not a bad place to be trapped, but when you’re ready to go you’re ready to go. So, after delays and canceled flights, I’ve finally made it back home to Cooma and am in sunny Perisher for a few days before I head down to Melbourne for the Chalet Girl movie. Busy, busy but it’s nice to be home relaxing with the fam.

Perisher’s Pipe…

In other Bright family news, my brother and coach, Benny won the NZ World Heli Challenge. He’s such and amazing rider and it was so much fun to be a part of his win. Yeah Benny! Check out his winner’s interview here!

Cheers, Torah

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