Roxy Guest Blogger: Danielle

What are fun, bold, and invading everything from the streets to the red carpet? Tribal prints! 

The best thing about this raging trend? The many different ways it presents itself. 

Everything from the most recognizable geometric print, to abstract bends and curves can be classified under the large branch known as “tribal prints”. It can be appropriate for any occasion as well! Check out the eye-catching ensemble Mila Kunis wore to a  recent red carpet event. Or, opt for a super cute bikini to show off at the beach, like the Fire Dance Ruffle Bandeau Bikini. Chilly outside? Throw on a light jacket to fend off the cold. Roxy’s Bonfire Spirit Icon Jacket sports adorable tribal detailing, making it stand out against the crowd. 

Tribal prints don’t have to be limited to apparel, either. Check out some of Roxy’s many tribal-printed bags. One of my personal faves is the Factory Rucksack Backpack, which is a perfect addition to any back-to-school shopping list. 

Don’t forget to have fun while playing with tribal prints. Since there are so many variations in patterns and designs, they are incredibly versatile. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your style- you may be surprised to see how well certain pieces work together!

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