Torah Bright: NYC Media Trip

Last week, Sarah Burke and I went with the Roxy crew for a press preview of  Roxy’s 11/12 snow line. We had high hopes of seeing a Broadway show and seeing the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met but tickets to Book of Mormon are sold out until September and we were so busy running around doing interviews and showing the line, (which, by the way, looks awesome) that we barely had time to shop. My other mission in New York was to look for inspiration for my next line and NYC is the best place for that! So much eye candy to take in. I also had a chance to meet with the hard good designers to fine tune some details for my next years board (which, also look awesome). Such a productive and inspiring trip and now that I’ve had a week at home I’m ready to go back. I heart New York!

Cheers, Torah

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