Denim Daze

These are the days when the sun is hot, the days are long, and our shorts are short! Ranking supreme on our denim radar for the rest of Summer and into Fall are the Sunset Drop Shorts. Not only do they come in an array of beautiful blue hues but they have great distress detailing and a colorful drawcord which is a perfect addition to give you that extra pop of color you’ve been itching for, and don’t be fooled washed and worn look!  These shorts are so soft to the touch that you are going to want to frolick and play in them everyday.

Forever a fan of slightly sun-bleached hues, I dig the retro washed out appeal these denim shorts in the pictures exude, but as the days cool down I fall back in love with the dark indigos of the dark vintage or even a hint of color with a pair of olive shorts.  If you haven’t tried on a pair from Roxy’s Surf Denim line, you have to get to a store and find out what you’re missing because you’re moments away from falling in love with you new favorite pair of denim. For more styles check them out online right now!

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