Torah Bright: Vegas…Baby

Last weekend Jake and I went to Vegas to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary; watch some shows, sit by the pool and check out Nitro Circus. Originally, I wanted to renew our vows dressed like Marilyn Monroe at one of those Vegas wedding chapels but Jake wasn’t going for it. So, we ended up cruising the strip, checking out David Copperfield and Cirque De Soleil’s O (which was amazing) and sitting by the pool scorching ourselves in that hot Las Vegas sun. Sunday night a whole crew of us went to see Nitro Circus and it’s official I want to be a motocross-er. Those guys are amazing and even though I’ve never ridden a motorcycle in my life, I’m convinced this is my new sport! And It was also so cool to watch Travis Pastrana and Lyn-Z get engaged, I was in tears, so cute! Now we’re back in Salt Lake, enjoying the start to summer and happy to be back from the chaos of Vegas!

Cheers, Torah

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