Roxy Guest Blogger: Danielle

As the temperature climbs and school ends, road trips are making there way into everyone’s schedules! Here are a few tips to make your road trip (or lengthy car ride) as fun as can be!

1. Dress comfortably! Tight clothing may look cute, but can easily become uncomfortable after a few hours of sitting in a cram-packed car. Instead, opt for light clothing that can be layered. Try wearing a cute maxi skirt, like the Earth and Sky Skirt, which is as comfy as any pair of sweatpants, yet way more stylish! Pair it with a breezy tank like the Heatwave Tank, and you can keep cool and comfy the whole ride through.

2. Pack lightly! Try sticking to a single bag (as hard as it is) in order to maximize leg room- I personally love my Wanderer Duffle Bag!

3. Pack some shades! Not only do sunglasses act as great accessories, they also protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays (yes, they can pass through car windows). Roxy’s Charlie Sunglasses are a great choice!

4. Pack some tunes that everyone can agree on! Also, it’s a great idea to pack portable speakers, like the new JBL On Stage Speakers, so that you can take your music wherever you go on your stops. 

5. Pack some snacks and drinks! Nothing’s worse than being stuck in a car with hungry (and therefore, grumpy) people!

6. Know where you’re going! Don’t forget to pack maps and/or a GPS!

Happy tripping, Roxy girls!

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