Roxy Guest Blogger: Danielle

Whether you love or hate it- you’ve got to admit that Glee has made huge waves since its debut last year. Even though I consider myself a fan, I’ve always found the show’s fashion selection to be a bit lacking- that is, until this past season! For this post, I decided to experiment with looks inspired by some of my favorite characters.
For my ‘Brittany’ look, I did my best to imitate her wacky fashion sense.Though not for everyone, this type of style is undoubtedly unique. I paired my crazy, layered tops with simple jean shorts, like Roxy’s Undertow Shorts. Fun sunglasses are another great way to make a statement. I really love Roxy’s chic Jade Sunglasses, whose frames combine clear and turquoise colors for a truly eye catching appearance.
For my ‘Quinn’ look, I dug up one of my newest purchases, a full, high-waisted skirt. I paired it with a vintage-inspired cardigan, a thick belt, and booties. Truthfully, the look that I was going for had Quinn wearing a delicate crocheted cardi that doesn’t resemble anything in my closet. That’s why I’m adding Roxy’s Mod Swim Coverup Dress to my wish list. It can be worn as a dress, or a cute top! Another great find is the Kick Flip Skirt, which be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. If you pair the two together, you get a great little vintage-inspired ensemble worthy of Glee’s leading ladies!
That’s it for this week, Roxy gals! 
All the best,

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