Congratulations to Roxy’s Phillipa Anderson for Winning the Chilli Junior Pro Over the Weekend

Congratulations to Roxy’s Phillipa Anderson for winning the Chilli Junior Pro over the weekend in fun head high surf at Trigg Point in Perth, Australia. This puts Phillipa in the #1 position on the ASP Junior Rankings. “I’m stoked that I won,” Anderson said. “I’ve been training hard because I go to Europe tomorrow for an ASP 6-Star event and I really want to do well. This event has given me confidence and I’m feeling good and I hope I can keep the roll going over there.”
Phillipa heads to Hossegor, France for the Swatch Girls Pro, a 6 star ASP Star Series event. She will join Roxy team riders, Sally Fitzgibbons, Rosy Hodge, Bruna Schmitz, LeeAnn Curren, Sofia Mulanovich, Ornella Pellizari, Sarah Baum and Sarah Mason. Go Team Roxy! Stay tuned for updates.

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