Torah Bright: Chicken Jam Day Three

Today was another snowy white out day at the Chicken Jam. So, we decided to turn the slopestyle into a team filming competition to see who could get the best air, line and jib. Not a bad idea but harder than you’d think given the blustery conditions. Chanelle Sladics and Celia Miller were in my crew so we cruised around filming each other with Go Pro’s getting creative with the wind and snow. Roxy’s going to announce the winners and post the videos on April 11th, so be on the look out for some crazy vids. I can’t wait to see what the other girls came up with!

When we weren’t battling the elements and filming all sorts of fun stuff, we spent the rest of the time cruising around in our spirit hoods, these things are amazing! Check me out I’m a snow leopard battling a lobster claw!

Cheers, Torah

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