Kenny Did the Ride Thing!

Back in July we blogged about Kenny Livingston’s  trek across America on his beach cruiser. His mission:

To inspire my fellow Americans, through example, in making a commitment to change the way we approach our personal health, nutrition and lifestyle choices. (From Kennydoit.org)

Kenny’s since reached the Kitty Hawk pier and made it in 67 days total from start to finish from the Hermosa Beach Pier. He even was stuck in Austin, TX for 11 days also with something called ‘Valley Fever’, which is basically an illness you can get from being exposed to the Arizona desert climate too much.

Now he’s currently riding even further to Washington DC in the pouring rain to make a bigger statement to the country’s lawmakers about healthy school lunches and cancer research. He’s estimated to arrive in DC on Thursday, 10/7.

He’s also having a contest to win the Nirve beach cruiser he’ll have ridden about 3,500 miles to the person who raises the most money for KennyDoIt.orgdetails here.

People are still encouraged to bike along with Kenny for anything from 1 mile or 100 to show their support, especially during the last bit into Washington, DC.

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