Great Bag: Wild Side

Every season here in the Roxy offices, there seems to be at least one item that every girl unanimously starts obsessing over and one day you look around and everyone is wearing this particular item…because it’s just so good! This summer season, without a doubt, the item that we are all wearing (and carrying in this case!) is the Wild Side Bag. It’s stripes are perfectly on trend and the variety of colors it is offered in suit just about any style.  So take it from us, whether you tote it to the beach or use it as your everyday carry-all, Wild Side is one great bag!

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  1. alexis kennedy says:

    November 6, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    great bag.
    same here jennifer!
    i would so get that next time i go to roxys!
    me and my besties will totally be getting that!
    see ya later

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