I Love Florence + the Machine

Mia posted (almost a year ago!) about RCRD LBL, which is a really cool website that sends free music downloads to your email each day and I subscribed immediately. Now, many, many months later, I am still looking forward to my daily music delivery. I have “discovered” more than one cool new band through this site, but my latest music find on there is simply put- BEYOND.

So who is this mystery band you may ask?

It’s none other than Florence + the Machine, a band hailing from the UK who opened for MGMT over the summer. Their music is fun, funky and beautiful all at the same time…darkly romantic and yet impossibly uplifting. But don’t take my word for it, listen here and make your own decision. Happy listening!

The cover for their latest CD, "Lungs"

The cover for their latest CD, "Lungs"

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