Roxy ATHLETIX Tour – Hearts both USC & UCLA (Yes we love both of you, Trojans and Bruins)

The Roxy Athletix Tour chilled out with USC & UCLA students last week.  It rocked.  We only have love for these two arch rivals in LA.  Especially for those Trojans & Bruins that love to work-out in the sunshine as much as we dooo :-) SWEAT IS SWEET.

Check it out University of Arizona – we’ll be on your campus this week!

A few lovely ladies pose with their Roxy smoothies cups and rocking Athletix headbands :-)

Roxy Athletix College Tour: USC and UCLA

Athletix College Tour: UCLA

We’ve been drinking soo much Gatorade on this tour!!! Especially perfect to drink after our yoga, pilates, and x-training classes in the sunshine.

Yakult has also been yummy to drink during this tour! A probiotic drink – very sweet and healthy. Comes in these cute, miniature bottles. Also one of our main ingredients in our Roxy smoothies…I’ll post our smoothie recipe at the end of the tour so that you can make it at home.

Enjoying Some Yakult at the Athletix College Tour

Roxy and Torri congratulate some USC dental students after they race through the obstacle course for a prize! They did it! And they have very straight, perfect smiles.

Roxy Athletix College Tour: USC

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