Roxy ATHLETIX Tour – Digs UCSB

Hey guys!  The Roxy Athletix tour was in Isla Vista last week and it ROCKED.  It rained during one of our event days – but luckily the next event day was beautiful!  I was happy to leave my rain boots behind and frolick about in the sunshine.

This week we’re in Los Angeles!  Can’t wait to hangout at USC and UCLA – hope to see you there…

Roxy Athletix Tour: USCB Yoga, A Little Rainy

Rain or shine, Roxy plays outside! Cedar, our event manager, hangs outside during a rain shower.

Roxy Athletix Tour: USCB R-O-X-Y

We don’t let rain get in the way of our fun. We make giant letters when it storms! ROXY oooo impressive

Roxy Athletix Tour: USCB Yoga

Luckily, the next day was sunny and beautiful in Isla Vista! It’s peaceful to do yoga among palm trees…our yogi, Kori, helps us find peace while stretching and strengthening our muscles.

Roxy Athletix Tour: USCB

And our trainer, Shellie, wips us all into shape by kicking our butts with insane pilates and x-crossing workout routines! We love our Roxy trainers.

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